Sonic City

The brief :

Sonic City is a creative partnership, network and connection between NOMAS, DJCAD, ANGUS COUNCIL, FACULTY OF DESIGN LJUBLJANA and GIDE.

Five teams composed of five students each, work about the creation of a sound and a listening post linked with a piece of art in the city of Dundee. .

Each team was free to choose which site will be studied between 6 different.

The Site :



We’ve decided to work with the Stann Bonnar print situated in the old industrial area of Dundee.

Research :

inspiration, wood song

Research about some art piece in connection with trees and wood, and in a way to make sound with wood…

After some research between sound and wood, we found interesting to focus on a sentence: “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?”
Yes it does but according to the definition of a sound, no. Indeed a sound is defined by three things, a source that produces sound, a medium which transmits the vibration and a receiver: Ear and Hearing. So, if you are not here to listen the tree falling, finally, does it make a sound?


We need to create a sound inspired by the city  to be incorporate in our listening post, we decided to recreate the sound of  tree falling by using city sounds extract from the site we’ve choose ( cars, doors, shards of glass, rolling nuts and bolts…).


Listening post :

Our listening post is inspired by falling trees and the way that they interact between each other during a storm. The sound that we created could only be heard when people put their head between two pieces of trunk, to reply to the sentence, so, if you’re not here you can’t hear the sound.

28 30 27 26.

listening post3

Render and final model :


SAM_2582 copy


9 thoughts on “Sonic City

  1. The whole concept of this idea is really interesting. The sketchup and physical model are both amazing. The abstraction of the work is very expressive and successful, good work Aymeric!

  2. Love the area you have chosen, this is a really impressive design. The structure is really fun, and what a brilliant idea to use falling trees as your inspiration! I am still so impressed by your scale model, as well as your render. You’ve worked really hard, well done Aymeric!

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