RSA Student Design Awards: Tomorrow’s Workplace

The brief ask us to think about the future of work and the future of the workplace. Develop a vision for the future workplace that addresses the challenge of changing work patterns.

Vitality advertising, a healthier workplace by providing movement at work!

During the last thirty years, we ensured to decrease our daily energy spending in each part of our life, particularly in the workplace, in the name of progress. In addition to this lack of movement, humans have significantly changed their life behavior spending the most of his daily life sat on a chair. This change has an impact on our body our mental health but also and most importantly on our life expectancy. Recent study shows that be sit on a chair kill more people than the cigarette. It’s became urgent to aware people that our health is a precious thing which depend of us only and it’s crucial to incorporate that thought in the workplace, where people spend 1/3 of their adult life.

Vitality workplace is designed in order to improve movement at work for every office workers. The aim is to transform work behaviors to deal with physical inactivity and by this way be healthier. Work stand up, use different kind of chair, promote sport in the workplace, use lines and curves to remind the movement, all this characteristics can improve our health but also impact on our work : being more creative, more productive, and finally see the Workplace like a Lifeplace. I choose to design an advertising agency specialized in the support of young creators and designers. Every study show that movement and sport at work increase creativity, so, it was rational to design this kind of company, where Creativity occupies a prominent place.


board 1





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