The 4 R’S

The work that you can see here is an introduction to a fourth year project. My work consists to explore sustainability and applied it in furniture design in order to argue people that sustainability doesn’t mean that you need to restraint your creative process. During the last 5 decades, consequences of mass production and industrial production were more and more visible on our behavior but also on the environment. Produce was the keyword without think about the impact on our planet and natural resources.

I found relevant to base my work on one of the most basic notion of sustainability: The 3R’s, Reuse, Recycle, Reduce. In a first time, for each R, I will design a piece of furniture symbolizing those notions:

-Recycle: Made furniture using material from waste or other piece of furniture


Skate Study house,The Butterfly Wall.

51e62a553611c3f2dcca7163bdc04134Space Shelves; Skate study house



Pile Chair By Fumi Masuda

-Reduce: Design pieces of furniture adopting a minimalist approach, in order to limit waste by using less material without compromise aesthetic and durability.

581998fbce9a48a4e0af111c8b64a245Colwell’s O Range series; David Colwell

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

Pressed Chair by Harry Thaler

-Reuse: Incorporate the notion of multipurpose or second life in a piece of furniture in order to allow people to reuse this one by a different way instead of throwing it away.




Extensions by Aissa Logerot

I don’t want to limit my work with those 3 notions and add a fourth one: Rethink. This one will consist to adopt an approach call Eco-conception/ Eco-design. Designers, creators, craftsmen have the chance to choose what kind of material, production methods, finishing, they could use. They have time to think about the design of what they create. So why do not optimize this time by thinking about the environmental impact of any artefact at the first stage of its life: the designing? That is Eco conception, before creating something, the designer begins its approach to design a product with special considerations in terms of environmental impact of the product during its whole life: procurement, manufacturing, use and disposal. Eco-design is born with the desire to create an approach based on durability and respect of our habitat: The Earth. In a society where we consume every day, without attachment with the object, it looks like people are not able to pass down something anymore. When you compare with the past, most objects had a sentimental value. We all heard our parents said “This belonged to your grandfather, I care about it and I hope you will do the same after me…” The object had its own symbolic value. How do things stand today?

I tend to think that nowadays, people have forgotten the fact than an object, like a piece of furniture, can be a representative image of a personality, a stories or even a memory. I think that Eco-conception could be a good way to restore this feeling in furniture design by creating durable furniture able to pass through generations.

I will try to explore mostly sustainable technique like hand work for example, but also try to define shapes and assemblies to optimise work’s time, simplicity and durability. A reflection about materials, glues, varnish, and all other component will be engaged and I will try to reintroduce some forgotten skills and products from the past to prove that they still can be used nowadays.



The Slow Wood Table Collection; Christien Starkenburg

The first piece of furniture realized was the reduce one. I adopted a minimalist approach in order to provide material economy and waste reducing without compromise sturdiness, durability and aesthetic:

The R chair

WP_20140321_002 WP_20140321_006




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